Friday, February 15, 2013

24' x 60' x 26'-9" Crane Building


(Washington State)

Original Purchase Price: $120,000.00

2008 HCII Steel Building System, Inc.™
Design based on IBC 2006 code
Complete set of Structural Engineered Drawings
with Crane layout drawing
Requires Disassembly (not included).
Clear Span. Open structure.
Structure designed for Top Beam Running
10 ton crane with wireless remote (included)
26ga screw down roof sheating
Wall panels (none and not included)
Bay Spacing: 3 at 20ft.

Refer to images of building 

Engineering Design Criteria
IBC 2006
Ground Snow: 18.0 PSF
Roof Snow Load: 25.0 PSF
Roof live load: 20 PSF
Wind speed: 85 MPH
Roof pitch: 2:12
Eave Height: 26'-9"
Span: 24'-0"

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What you should know…


Used Cheap Steel

Used, Cheap, Canceled, Recycled, Never Erected, Dismantled, Disassembled prefabricated are a great cost effective way to build a structure for your business or hobbies.
Unbeknownst to most, there are even cheaper alternatives to this process. Just like buying a used car versus a new one from a dealership, steel structures also depreciate as soon as they leave the factory.
Truth is most factory "Canceled Building" sales pitches are BS lost leaders! The buildings listed here are buildings on consignment from owners who, in most cases, were unable to erect them for many different reasons. A few have been disassembled. We are listing these to help the Sellers cover their expenses and to give Buyers a great deal. We also will have each building owner send pictures and plans before any transaction takes place just to cover our tail and make sure it's on the up and up.
We can also get the structures engineering updated and "wet stamped" in your City or County for a reasonable fee. We will supply the resources you need for shipping to your site. You can build it yourself or we can supply all the turn-key resources you need to get it completed including assembly and erection. We charge a modest fee provided buy the buyer for hooking you up. Win/Win/Win! Read more about the 7 dirty little secrets.
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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Buying a never-erected or disassembled steel building

What is the #1 tip, when it comes to buying a never-erected or disassembled steel building?

The answer is The Closer The Better!

Why?  Shipping runs about $2.50 per mile, and you are going to use most of at least one flatbed truck.  So, you ultimately will save cash by finding a structure that is close-by.

The other reason is because of your local building department design loads and codes.  If the used building is close to your property, it is probable that the metal building engineering will be similar.  It will make your permit process easier and again save on your engineering costs.  We can assist in finding the right pre-engineered steel building, get it loaded and shipped to you, as well as provide you with the engineered documents that you need for permit.

If you haven't given your details to our customer service rep Tamara then contact her now at 503-512-8793 or and check into our inventory regularly as the right building at the right price sell quickly! Here's our inventory link again:
Good Hunting,
Rick Safko
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